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Hello all!

So yes, I know I haven't been putting up much (translation: anything, at all), but I've been a busy bird with commissions, school stuff, and preparing a poster for a paleo conference!

Some other new things include the launch of my own website!

I wasn't planning on building a personal site for some time, but things rather suddenly began to pick up in terms of people commissioning/licensing my artwork, so deviantART just won't cut it anymore. However, there's no way I'd quit deviantART, so I'll still be around whenever I can, and of course I'll still be posting artwork! I don't know how often I'll be able to do so, as I'll working on an undergrad thesis in addition to my other courses, but we'll see. There's always time for drawing, right? :)

Also, I have revised one of my older drawings for the sake of the course it will appear in. Go here for more info: wanderingalbatross.deviantart.…



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Just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I am alive! I've been working on another commission among other things and haven't done much else in the way of drawing or painting since April. Blah. But that's life! I'm going on another dig in Grand Prairie, AB, this week, and I plan to upload some new stuff soon afterwards.

Also, thanks to all my new watchers, as well as the all the favourites! I've been gone for too long to say thanks to everyone individually (my inbox is a complete and utter disaster). :P




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Hello everyone! I know I've been incredibly inactive for the last while, but I've been working on an important piece for the past 2 months, so you'll just have to wait! Hopefully the wait will be worth it ;)
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Okay, so I finally uploaded my photos on Flickr (link at the end)!

Just for a bit of a recap, I was in Dinosaur Provincial Park for 3 weeks on a dig with the University of Alberta, so anything we collected and catalogued (200+ individual fossils; can't recall how many exactly) goes to their collection to be prepared for future study. The pictures are mainly of things that are now at the U of A waited to be stored or repaired and made to look pretty.

We camped out on land belonging to an incredibly nice and awesome farmer on the banks of the Red Deer River, in a remote area in the eastern portion of the park; that is, not in the core where all the touristy stuff takes place. We prospected and did some digging in both the area where we camped, and in the park core itself.

In the core, we would trade off between working in a quarry or prospecting. The quarry housed a type specimen of a Corythosaurus excavatus skeleton, from which the the skull had been taken by the Sternbergs around 1920. The location of the quarry was subsequently lost. To make a long story short, it was was found in the 1990's but not recognized for what it was, and so they left the skeleton due to its poor condition. I believe it was last year that some newspaper was found below the quarry and dating to 1920, and they were able to connect the quarry to the skull that had been collected around a century ago. Ergo, we went back in to salvage whatever we could of this Corythosaurus excavatus (which of course has been sunk into casuarius).

I mostly prospected and never came back empty handed. The microsites were super fun because you can get a really great sample of the fauna that were around in the area. We found tons of croc teeth and scutes, turtle shell, gar scales, champsosaur bits, myledaphus (ray) teeth, some sharks teeth, a couple of mammal teeth (woot!) as well as plenty of dinosaur teeth, claws, and bone fragments. It was pretty hard not to find anything, which is why we had to use discretion in choosing what to take and what to leave behind. Really, we're bloody fortunate to have a choice at all! Of course, we also got plenty of the big dinosaur stuff, like bits of skull, limb bones, pelvic bones, etc.

So I'll leave it at that for now. If you have any questions about the dig or any of the pictures or whatever, feel free to ask!…

Note! Whenever I say Tyrannosaur or Tyrannosaurid, it's because it's pretty much impossible to tell if it's a Gorgosaurus or a Daspletosaurus.
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Mwah! I'm back from my dig! Well, okay, I was back last month, but I just haven't gotten the chance to get on here and post anything. I think I'm going to upload my pictures to Flickr and post the link here, as I think many of you would like to see all the cool stuff we found!

Anyways, I had an amazing time and I can't wait to do it again! :)
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Okay, some big news! Starting tomorrow, I will be away for the next three weeks....*drumroll*....on a field program in Dinosaur Provincial Park, where I'll be digging and prospecting, and I don't think I need to say for what! As some background info, the exposures we'll be working on date from the late Campanian (~75 mya), and include the Oldman, Dinosaur Park, and Bearspaw formations. We'll probably be focusing on the former two, which are terrestrial deposits formed on coastal plains at the edge of the Western Interior Seaway. This is particularly exciting for me, as many of you are well aware of how much I enjoy drawing scenes from Cretaceous Alberta ;). I will not be taking my big Nikon with me, but I will have a point-and-shoot, which I think will be sufficient.

So, that's that! Seeing as we'll be camping in a remote area of the park, there will be no internet connection, and therefore I will be offline and my page will be devoid of uploads for probably a month. My goal is to post one or two things either tonight or tomorrow before I leave.

See you all in three weeks! :)
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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 4:23 PM
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So, the last time I logged into DA was just this past Friday, and I came online today and was SERIOUSLY shocked when I saw that I had over a thousand messages :O. What the heck!!!

Well, it finally happened! My first Daily Deviation!!!  :boogie: I'm really glad it was my Gray Catbird too. It was one of the most enjoyable pieces to draw, and I definitely would like to do more of its type in the future. After having gone through my messages, I just wanted to give everyone a HUGE thanks for all the watches, favourites, comments, and invitations! It seriously made my day! Hell, it made my week, even my month! My year! This is how I feel right now, only to the power of, I don't know, 100!: :squee:

Here's to everyone on DA! :ahoy:

Counting Down

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 4:48 PM
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I made a Journal skin with a picture I took! Weehoo! Hopefully I'll have the patience one day to improve my practically non-existent CSS skills :confused:.

Anyways, I'm working on five pieces right now. Five, that all have to be done by Christmas :stare: Still, I would rather be confined to my desk for days on end than brave the shopping malls! I also have a sixth piece that I'm doing just because, featuring two of my favourite theropod subjects (...yet again) enjoying the afternoon at a pond. I'm also focusing heavily on trees and plants this time around, many of which I've drawn from both actual fossil remains and descriptions (when pictures aren't available...which is frequently). When I'm finally done though, it will be my most detailed  (and arguably my best) piece yet :).

Happy Holidays everyone!

At last, Skyrim was released this Friday! The wait was totally worth it; Nords ftw :)

In other news, I have a couple of commissions under way, as well as a spiffy idea for two new pieces; one taking place in the Cretaceous, the other in the Pleistocene.

Thanks again to anyone who has favourited my stuff and/or added me to their watch!

Cheers all!
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Hey all! I just wanted to thank everyone who has added me to their watch and commented on or favourited my art. It's nice to see the appreciation :)
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I should really put some more art up....:P
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After experiencing a bout of artistic exhaustion, I am pleased to announce that my next piece is on its way! Woo!
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Hm. I got nothing...
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I just thought I would say: I am in love with my car. If my car was a man, I would marry my car. I named it Dominus Caesius, or Lord Gray in English. It just so happens that it is gray! NO WAY! Actually according to the Toyota site, it's "silver taupe metallic", whatever the hell that means, because there's um, no taupe, at all. Anyways, I love my liscence plate number too, because it starts with SCU, which in one of my textbooks means 'senatus consultum ultimum', so my car is Latin all around. Go figure :).

Another update. I have officially gone nuts for birds. You think I was nuts before? Nope. So much so that I'm actually considering doing a complete major shift from history to ornithology. Oye. Confusion! :S

Um. Oh right. My trip to the mountains was effing amazing. I got 7 new lifers (aka birds I have not seen before), and I took 500 pictures. Go me. After I got back I headed straight for Red Deer to catch the shorebird migration. It was snowing the entire time. ARGH. I couldn't see the east end of the lake because the damn snow was blowing in my face and soaking my scope lense! I also had to put a plastic bag around my Nikon to keep it from having a bath! GRR. But I got 2 lifers on that trip so it was worth it! Did I mention that this was in May? Snow in May. Sigh. Whatever -_-

Okay question for people who know me. I want a small tatoo of a bird, but I don't know what bird. I have so many species that I love...and I just can't choose 0.o HELP. Any suggestions for a bird that best represents me would be most appreciated!

Thanks :D

Oh and ps I got a new laptop. I was studying for my finals and my Dell just...died. No idea how and why, freaking good time for it to happen too huh? ACK. But yeah got a Toshiba and it's working great :) Windows Vista isn't that bad you know!
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Woo! So I bought a car, and it is in amazing condition and runs like a dream :). In fact, I'm taking it on a trip to the mountains to go birdwatching.

Which reminds me of my trip to Maui this past February, and I took 100 and some pictures of the native birds there, sent them to the superintendant of the national park, and she emailed me back asking me if she could use them in lectures, articles, and publications! 0.o!!!!!!!!! I was so happy I got up and jumped around and ran into a book case. It hurt, but I was happy!

Other than that, spring is here-ish....finals are over, and the sun continues to rise every day, so I suppose life is treating me well enough :)

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Well, finally I decided to venture back here, as I finally have time to do so! Wee! School starts tomorrow, and after more than a month off, it feels...odd, to say the least.

Christmas was spifftastic...besides my wisdom teeth surgery on the 18th of December (yeah, that was the earliest time I could get it without it interfering with my school schedule). The painkillers made me sick so I lived off water and gatorade for a couple of days. FUN! Thank the Gods I felt 200% better on Christmas eve, so much so that I actually ate FOOD for the first time in days! AHHH what bliss! I still ached for a week and more, so New Years was a bit of a dud, thus, in order to satiate my hunger for entertainment I watched both seasons of Rome in one day. Go me.

Another endless form of amusement came from my personal flock of magpies---yes, I am quite serious. I don't actually own them; I would never do that! But nonetheless they come to my kitchen window every morning for their daily handout of peanuts. As I spend more time watching them and as they grow more and more used to me (believe it or not they seem to recognize me and come much closer than they do to other members of my family), I have begun to strongly resent the horribly misplaced hatred so many people have for them. So, I have been performing somewhat of an independent study of their behaviours, and I can't stress enough their high levles of intellegence; they are, after all, related to crows, jays, and ravens, you know!
So if anyone cares to listen, I may in time make my case to defend my high opinion of pica pica, the illustrious black-billed mapgie :)

Ah, one more thing I forgot to mention! To my utmost delight I got a brand new Nikon D40 for my birthday, as well as a telephoto lense to get as close to those birdies as possible. I had to send it away because the screen broke somehow; there was a blue line going through some of my pictures :(. BUT now it's fixed and it is amazing!
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Wow I actually have news for a change! Rejoice!

So I got a job...and I'm a barista-in-training at Starbucks!!! :) It is actually a really awesome place to work; I'm having a great time so far and I'm actually proud to tell people where I work. There's alot...ALOT to remember, but I hope it will all come in time...0.o. I start making drinks tomorrow! AHHH!

Anyhoos. I am very excited because two of my cousins on different sides of the family are getting married, and I get to go to......MAUI IN AUGUST!!!!! Yeah it's an odd time to go for us Canadians, but who gives a crap, it's Hawaii, right? Who would have guessed that August in Hawaii is its busiest time because Americans from the mainland mostly go there to escape their different hot weather? Craziness. I am mostly excited about taking jungle hikes and, you may have already guessed, birdwatching!!!

All in all, late Spring is off to a good start! Let's hope the last week of non-stop rain is gone for good >.<...BRING ON THE THUNDERSTORM SEASON! :D :D :D
Quid agis? :D Well, I figure it's about time to start one of these things :). Just finished my 2nd year at University, and I'm thinking about moving to Toronto for their awesome medieval studies program. It would be a big step! Hopefully it will help me narrow down my interests, but so far I really enjoy medieval art, music, and warfare.

Unfortunately I haven't drawn anything since I started University, due to homework and lack of inspiration :( but I hope to try and fit some art in during the summer...keyword is 'hope'.

Hmm, that's all I can think of right now, so,

Salvete ;)
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